China's Chinese Cresteds
This is my fun pics page. I love receiving e-mails & pictures of my past babies, and watching them grow!

This page is still under construction and growing every day. Thank you to all my past buyers!
Happy 1st Birthday Dodger!
Kayla is ................ an AKC Champion!!!
China,  Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our puppy.  We
re-named him Dodger due to my husband being a huge LA Dodger fan and his
desire to name our new family member.  I want you to know that he is
adjusting to us very well and is really loving towards all of us.  He is a
wonderful addition.  I am attaching a picture of him with my girls.  I hope
you have a good holiday season and thank you for everything.
Hi China,
I Wanted to thank you again for Dexter. We love him so much. I am attaching some pictures of him.
Thank you,
Hi China, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. Here are a couple of pics of Dasher, we renamed him to match his personallity. This is because he is the mascot of the daughters ringette team. LOL Talk to you soon and all is well. 
Darren and Chantel  
I thought I would send along a couple of pictures of our growing boy. He has been a joy :)
He is like a tornado- when he is awake he is non stop energy. He has a favorite toy, a little fish that makes bubble sounds. He is a ninja and can get out of his clothes if he wants :)
Ill send more pictures down the road :)
Thanks again,
Myria and Ken
Hello China,
Hope this email finds you well and happy.
Ik and I are super excited about the weather turning nice here.
As a matter of fact, yesterday was his first "naked" walk to the park!
He loves his shirts, but there is quite a prance when he is sans shirt.
I've attached some recent pics of him.
Hope spring is creeping up on you too,
Sean and Ik
Kristin and Bella pictured above and left, hard to believe these are the same girls! My how beautiful both have grown up to be! :)
Hello China,
I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Quigly. His name is now Stryker because he struck our hearts. He is doing very well and is getting big. He is spoiled rotten and we love him soooo very much.
I hope all is going well for you and yours.
Thank you,
Bridget and Family 
Bello (shown above and below) never misses a Christmas photo! :)
Tito (pictured above) says he doesn't mind babysitting! :-) 
Here are Nutmeg and S'mores at 3 months. They just got their first haircut! Thank you so much for sharing these precious puppies with us. - Alison
We just wanted to give you an update on how MooMoo and Snowball are doing….
They are just the most awesome puppies ever. They fit in from day one, and getting them both together has made their integration into our family a breeze. They are best friends…as you can see in the pictures, and follow us around everywhere. We cannot imagine life without them. They are still on Chicken Soup for the Soul and love the vitamins…so thanks so much for sending them home with the right directions. For teething they like to chew on cold baby carrots…works like a charm. They are not only cute, but smart and loving, a couple of love muffins really, both with us and each other.
I have attached a few pictures so you can see how well they are doing.
I’ll keep sending you updates. 
Thanks again, Deb
<----MooMoo & Snowball 

Nutmeg & 
S'mores ---->
Thelma & Louise - litter mates who went to live with "The Debbie's" ;-)