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I often get emails and texts from people asking what I recommend, so I have made this page. It is a list that goes over somethings that I use and recommend to my buyers, to make the transition easy and the training helpful... 

Here is a photo of the set-up that 
you should use for house training 
your pup when he is not being 
actively supervised. You will put 
down weewee pads in the exercise 
pen in front of an OPEN crate so that 
the pup can access the weewee 
pad 24/7. Do not ever lock the pup 
inside the crate without access to 
his weewee pads.

And here is the type of wire crate I recommend. Choose the 30 inch size so that the pup can still use it as an adult. (The crates can be dressed up with wicker or cloth covers if it is located in a highly visible area, but I recommend waiting until the pup is at least a year old and past the chewing stage and more able to emotionally handle the added solitude, before adding a cover to the crate.)

To eliminate safety concerns, an electronic doggy door... 

This is what I have on my outside water spigots on the deck. The adults all enjoy using them, as the water is always clean and fresh, right from the tap. Most of my pups know how to use these too, by the time they are 8 weeks old, from watching Mama drink from this...

While your puppy is still small, this is the best way to provide water while water bowls knocked over, causing a mess. This brand works better than any other I have tried, and it is large enough to provide enough water for the pup. A smaller bottle and tube would not provide enough water flow. 

Here is a body halter or harness that is safe for puppies. 
Order the size XS for a pup.

Any kind of disposable weewee pad will work fine in this frame.


My puppies are use to the following beds... 

My adults enjoy these beds... 

Also, hammocks are wonderful- the dogs really enjoy them! We have some in our house, as well as outside in the fenced in yard.  

Some offer extras, like canopies or replacement covers. Make sure you are matching up the same sizes and brands when you do this. 

When is comes to sleeping, I usually play my sound machine at night. So at an early age, my puppies are used to sleeping to the sound of "rain" and "thunder". 

For your new puppy who misses snuggling/dogpiling with his/her littermates at night, just get an old tube sock, fill it with dried beans or rice, sew or tie up the end, and microwave til warm. Put it in the pup's bed for comfort. (Then when the puppy destroys it playing, you can just make a new one!)


Your puppy will enjoy Plush Toys and Squeaky Plush Toys. Rope toys are great for pups who are teething, or if there is a stubborn baby tooth that hasn't came out yet. Here are some of the toys we use...

I do not recommend any rawhide toys, as they can be ingested and cause intestinal blockages. 


I use Frontline on my dogs. I also recommend Revolution and Advantage II. 

There are many good products out there but DO NOT use Comfortis or Trifexis. 
They contain the active ingredient "spinosad" which has been linked to many health problems including seizures, birth defects, and death.

If you are wanting to go with a more holistic approach, "Lemongrass" essential oil works well. A few drops deluited in a water bottle applied- under each leg, and a along the back (DO NOT get it on their face, it can burn their eyes). Here is an article that covers knowledge on essential oils for dogs... 

For ear mite treatment, use Eradimite-


If you are choosing to do the grooming yourself, these will come in handy... 

I use this type of nail trimmer-

These shampoos work well with dogs who have sensitive skin- 

I use these clippers (they have lasted YEARS)- 

And I use these clippers for the smaller hard to reach areas- 

Most lotions are too thick and creamy, they will clog up the pours on a hairless. So I use raw unrefined shea butter or pure virgin coconut oil. 

If your dog will be doing some outdoor activities with you, they will need sunscreen. Unfortunately there isnt much of a market for hairless dogs sunscreen, but I have found that this works well... 

This fingerbrush is better tolerated by my dogs than a regular dog toothbrush. They prefer my finger in their mouth over a hard foreign object; it's easier to control the pressure- ​ ​