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Caring For Your CC!
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DOG FOOD: I use and rotate several different blends of dog and puppy kibble. I feel that my cresteds deserve the benefits from a variety of foods- and they enjoy the variety of flavors. Below are links to my recommended foods. They can be purchased online from PetFoodDirect with free shipping to your door, on orders over $59.
BEDDING: I like the products from Pet Street Mall. The items below are some I or past buyers have used and are recommended. Free shipping is available on orders over $50.
HAIR & SKIN CARE: I use Cleopatra's Choice for the care of my CC's (and for myself too, lol). The selection of products are great! The items below are my favorites and free shipping is available on orders over $39.
I am often asked for product recommendations, so I have compiled a list with links to products that I myself use from my favorite retailers. I hope this will be helpful to you when shopping for your new puppy. 
This page is continuously a work in progress as I am always adding great new items to this page.